Short timeline on how the Hindu Temple of Kern County was formed

Idea of Temple & Assembly Hall was conceived. Activities were being performed in different homes and halls

April 18, 1990
Hindu Temple of Kern County came into existence

August 5, 1991
Approval by Internal Revenue Service as Non Profit Charitable Organization

December 16, 1993
Conditional Use Permit granted by City of Bakersfield

February 10, 1994
Received title of the land on 6700 Valleyview Drive, Bakersfield, California

October 1, 1995
Bhumi Puja Performed

December 6, 1995
Building contract signed with Mr. Tom Dooley

March 24, 1996
Concrete Foundation laying ceremony performed

April 5, 1997
Dieties (Murties) and the appointment of Ramesh S. Shastriji as the official priest of Shri Radha Krishna Temple, approved by General Body

April 23, 1997
Occupancy Permit Granted by City of Bakersfield

April 27, 1997
Utsava Murthis brought to the Temple

May 9, 1997
Deva Mandir Pravesham (Opening Ceremony)

May 9, 1998
First Anniversary of the Temple was Celebrated

April 26th, 2001
Pran Pratistha (Installation of Dieties). Shri Ganesha, Shri Shiva-Parvati, Shri Radha-Krishna, Shri Rama Pariwa, Shri Vyshnavi-Amba Mata

May 15th, 2002
Pran Pratistha of Shri Navagraha

May 15th, 2002
Perimeter fence completed.